Tarot via Skype, What's up or Messanger

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1 Hour Reading for £30

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Tarot via video chat (Messanger, What's up or Skype)


I recommend this reading to anyone who has got a feeling that stuck in his life. If you experience hardship or different drama keep coming back to you, this reading is for you.

I will explain to you what hidden in your subconsiouss brain patterns block your potential and not allow you to live your life fully. Wheather you struggle in your relationship, career or finances, this reading will reveal all energy blockages which has been created inside your brain since you were born.

I suggest this reading shall happen through video chat, because after the tarot reading I am going to show you brain management techniques which will help you to unlock and release the energy flow in your body and your mind, so you can start enjoy your life fully.


Tarot via e-mail

This analysis will give you better understanding of what's going on in your relationship. The spread can be done for couples but also any other kind of relationship like: parent-child, employer - employee, friends, neighbours etc.

This partnership spread covers your current energy level, past and present unsolved problems, future events and potential further relationship growth. You will receive an advice how to communicate with each other, what's important and what shall let go. 

The cost is £20.

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