This is how I use cortisol energy to do good...

The human brain is designed for survival. It releases chemicals saying: „go for it” or „avoid it”. Because we all have own unique life experience the „avoid it” version is different for everyone. We can watch it especially now how people behave in terms of restrictions for coronavirus.

Here in Poland where I am now the medical care has no capacity to deal with the number of sick people. It didn’t have any capacity before and couldn’t deal with normal flues and colds. That is why restricting actions have been taken at this early stage. We sit at home, but not everyone does. When I look through the window, I see traffic as usual and I wonder why some people are not scared of the epidemic?

The answer I found is they are scared but they just translate survival in the different way. For builders the survival is to finish constructing the building, for business owners is to continue their business because money is higher on a value scale than health for many people and they are not crazy or stupid, they are just wired that way…

Our brains are wired to act in a different way but always towards the same direction: towards good feelings and against bad feelings. The survival aspects are food, safety and social support. When I first read about social support, I didn’t really understand why it has a survival value. But when you look at this from the angle of a baby – his survival depends on another human being, that’s why we associate lack of social support with life threat…and that’s why so many people here in Poland feel in danger now.

Here we are. Coronavirus feels like aliens attacking planet Earth. So, we can’t move on with our lives the way we did so far. The whole world holds its breath. On an individual level this situation forces us to look inwards and check the basics.

Cortisol takes brain attention and shouts „do something!” so I use this energy to do good: Facebook face time live yoga class (check my profile please and practice with me, it’s free!), I spend time on self education and moving on with Inner Mammal Institute program to become certified trainer, I clean windows and basement – time for Spring Cleaning! I choose to use this Energy instead of resisting it and pretending that everything is fine… because it is not….

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