Short term feeling vs long term consequences

I learn about myself now more than at any other time in the past. I learnt that looking for good feelings doesn't necessarily lead to long term gain.

In Poland, now we have a confirmed status of epidemic but two weeks ago no one ever imagined that this is where we were going to end up. When the first announcement about closure of schools appeared, many people felt uncomfortable thinking “I am not going to sit on my ass” and off they went. A few days later borders were closed and all flights cancelled and some of them, my friends became stuck… in the Caribbean or Maldives. Not a bad place to be…. but with children, money will run out soon. This is not a situation I would like to be in, caged.

Watching those people, I came to one conclusion: seeking impatiently for good feelings, taking sharp, brave decisions for short term gain to feel good, not accepting hardship will always lead to long term loss.

I have always considered myself as a rather impatient person. I was always quick, sharp and brave and like those mentioned I put myself into a trouble many times in the past.

I am grateful for this opportunity I have now to practice patience, appreciating small steps and giving myself everyday good word “I did something good today”. In current situation I started being more grateful for my family and for people around me. In Poland the “stay at home” discipline works very well. People are incredibly sensible. No one is panicking, no one is buying up toilet papier, shops are full of stock and people are shopping considerately. We only need a little bit more time to organise our schooling as the Polish system is not prepared for distance learning.

Anyway…with this blog entry I send you loving energy. I hope you are all safe at home and your beloved once are in health. Don’t worry… as always, we humans will recover from this battle and sun will shin on our faces again😊

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