Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hello, my friends from all over the world馃槉 This is my first blog entry in English. It took me awhile to get it started. Not because of lack of time or ideas. Just simply because of stress. I haven鈥檛 done writing in English and because it is something new my brain hesitates, checking if it is safe, if I won鈥檛 be judged (it constantly judges itself, so you know as an mammal I feel insecure in new areas like we all do!).

Watching myself and studying my own brain is my hobby. I am passionate about how we human beings work. I constantly seek for improvement because I want to be healthy and feel good. Questions I am asking and looking for answers are: what the energy is, how my brain chemicals are changing, do I really have a power over my brain?

While I practice yoga and meditation, I observe many interesting and positive changes inside my brain. Because I have been doing it for over 12 years, I have lots of evidence what is good and what works. So, I am sharing these with you.

Today I would like to share with you how I control my dopamine in my body. Yes, you can create the most suitable environment for dopamine to be created. It is a happy hormone which makes you feel good, gives you the feeling of accomplishment. In mammals it has a primary goal to reward for action leading towards survival. When mammal approaches water or food, feels happy, dopamine shoots in its brain. Our inner mammal does the same. It shoots but when? Not each time you are going to have a drink of water right?:)

It has its own pattern created in the childhood. When positive experience happened when you where before 8-year-old, the same experience will make you happy when you are 48. Subconsciously you act towards these experiences to feel dopamine. Some dopamine circuits are good for us, but not all of it.

I suggest you start your inner mammal study with an observation. First try to identify your dopamine excitement patters. Watch what makes you happy and then with your reason thinking check if this is good for you in a long-term goal. If you realise that there are habits you would like to change, then you can start making changes by creating new areas for dopamine to be realised and to feel good without this harming pattern.

The ways we create new dopamine circuits:

- Feed your brain with new experience.

- Keep being active, with small steps move forwards towards your dreams and goals

- Adjust your expectations

- Remember that despite the cortisol, your life is not in danger鈥

- Exercise your intestines, because lots of dopamine is being produced over there

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Self study and self education bring me lots of joy. I love to learn new things. As an adult I keep looking for new information, new ways for practice and growth. That鈥檚 why practicing with me and being coached by me never is the same. I never repeat the same lessons, because each of you are different and each meeting has a unique energy and potential. If you would like to meet me online and ask me questions how to be helped and guided, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can use the chat box in the right down corner or simply use the contact form on the main page about me at olamason.com

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