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My name is Ola Mason and I am life coach and body-mind personal trainer. I have been teaching and consulting groups as well as individuals, both off and online since 2009. Although I’ve been working for such companies as RAF St Mawgan in the UK, Body and Brain Int., Children Centers in Cornwall UK, my main focus always stays on an individual and their needs. I have been trained by the best worldwide known body-mind connection experts such as Ilchi Lee or dr Emeran Mayer in Europe, South Korea and New Zaeland. I am qualified Body-Mind Personal Trainer with finished 40 hours of Human Technology School for Energy Healers in London in 2009. I have successfully compeleted 200 hours Body&Brain MasterTraining in London in 2013 and 200 hours Advanced Body and Brain Master Training in South Korea in 2015. I have also became a certified Belly Button Healing Trainer by finishing 3 day intensive course in New Zaeland in 2016. In 2018 I brought the Belly Button Healing technique to Poland and became an author of a Polish version of the handout for students “Belly Button Healing” by Ilchi Lee. In 2020 I completed an advanced training program for coaches of the American Inner Mammal Institute under the guidance of prof. Loretta Breuning University of California. 

There is no greater joy than seeing other human beings growing and changing into the direction of health, joy and inner balance. This is the reason why I became full time teacher and consultant. My main purpose of delivering courses and consultation is to help you restore your health in a simple way. You will also have a chance to to regain your own ability to look after yourself in terms of health and inner balance. 


My role is to guide you until the point when you start having better understanding, clarity and feeling confidence in terms of maintaining your own life harmony. The foundation of my teaching is neuroplasticity which is a fact that human brain is always changing. With the power of your brain you can make positive change in every aspect or your life. My role is guide you through this process by teaching you such techniques as: Belly Button Healing  “Unlock your Second Brain for a Better Life”, Brain Wave Vibration, Energy Meditation as well as many other self-healing yoga poses.

By learning these techniques you will have better understaing that you are more than just physical body. After sessions you will experience such physical improvement as better blood circulation, improved digestion and released tension and pain from the body. After you finish class with me you should feel your whole body warmer and more relaxed. Physical changes are usually seen and recognised at first. However as I said before, human beings are more than just a collection of muscles and internal organs.


We are made of energy, we are the energy and approaching yourself with such attitude will help you benefit from my consultation even more. If you accept the wisdom coming from traditional eastern medicine which approach the human body and conceives its principles of operation based on its understanding of vital energy, you will open your mind to the higher dimension of understanding how health and disease are being created. Nowadays, altough access to medicine has never been as easy, still many people suffer from stress. Before fast pace of living, high pressure to perform, lack of time to really rest and recover and now with 2020 pandemic, lock down, no possibility to perform, difficulties to plan – it all brings chaos and unbalance to our lives. In such case you can use my life coaching programs to recover the energy flow.


You can easily check if your energy state is balanced. When the heat created by the heart cannot flow naturally down to the abdomen, it stays in the upper body and actually it raises up to the brain causing headaches, overthinking, problems with sleep, tightness and pain in chest, neck and shoulders. These are symptoms of unbalanced energy flow, when the fire energy stays blocked in the chest and the brain. In such case water energy cannot flow naturally up to the brain and collects in the lower body, in the abdomen and legs. As a result the blood cannot flow down well and both legs and feet are cold most of the time.


Also due to lack of efficient amount of fire energy in the abdomen, intestines and other abdominal organs cannot perform well either. In such case we suffer from constipation, pain in the abdomen and lower back as well as poor digestion. When energies of fire and water don’t circulate and they are stuck in particular parts of the body, we feel physical and mental discomfort which may develop into sickness.

We all are spiritual beings. We have dreams and plans for the future. To make them come true we need tools like healthy body and mind. And often health itself is the dream we wish to come true. What stops many people to achieve their dreams is the information stored in their brains. Information is being received since the moment of conception. Genetic information coming from our ancestors and all the emotions felt by our parents while we were at mother’s womb, we were receiving through the ambical cord and the navel point. I believe we can purify the information field.


This is possible if you perform meditation and other mindfullness methods mentioned before. By working with me you will manage to calm down your mind and not only your body, but also your soul will be healed. You will return to so called zero point, the same point where your life has began.

I will be happy to work with you. You can join my live classes in Stonehaven CHECK HERE>>> or consultations and courses online HERE>>>



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