Mindfulness Meditation

If you have a need to:

  • Reset, purify and balance the energies of your body, heart and mind.

  • Restore full mental, physical and emotional balance.

  • Awaken your body awareness and reconnect with it.

  • Build new, healthy habits of information acquisition and processing.

  • Accept and let go.

  • Learn how to use your body and mind in a constructive, positive and upbuilding way.


Then Mindfulness Meditation is for you. This is an alternative offer to our Back to Balance live classes in Dunnottar Woods in Stonehaven, Scotland. In case of bad weather, instead of cancelling the class, we would like to invite you to join an online meditation session through Skype.

To find out more about Back to Balance classes go to>>> BACK TO BALANCE PAGE

To check if the online class in on, how to take a part and make a payment, see Facebook Page with What's On weekly update>>> https://www.facebook.com/BacktoBalanceScotland


“Stilness is where creativity and solutions to problems

are found” - Eckhart Tolle

During online meditation session we focus mainly on:

  • Body Scan Meditation -  to calm your mind and focus on your own body and body signals. The Body Scanning Meditation is a healing tool that greatly reduces stress level. It consists of going through the various parts of the body systematically, awakening at the same time acceptance and understanding of oneself and one's own processes.
    By practicing the Body Scanning, you learn to use your own intention and mind concentration. With this meditation you will be able to direct your attention to a specific part of your body and heal it without moving it. What is happening in this meditation can be called tuning in and opening up to the signals coming from the body, while allowing yourself to feel and experience whatever it brings with it. The mind learns not to criticize or evaluate these sensations, which makes it more relaxed and balanced.

  • Observing the Breath - It is a meditation whose main spectrum is breathing. It is not a study of breathing techniques, but a process of observing the entire breath cycle and the sensations that flow with it. Sitting meditation is simple but not easy at the same time. The ability to sit still in a comfortable position and focus on your breath builds up over time and requires patience and kindness towards yourself - this is what we learn in this meditation. You will have a better chance to observe yourself as a whole, with all your voices, qualities, strengths and weaknesses, without judging, criticizing, and without rushing or trying to control anything in your life.

  • Mind Observation - During this meditation, in addition to trying to observe your body and breathing again, you will get a chance to look more deeply into your own mind. You will see your thoughts more clearly and how you feel individual thoughts in your body, and you will learn to return to your body and breath, letting go and releasing unnecessary energies. This meditation strongly supports concentration and mindfulness. 





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