Healing session is a full energy body treatment which includes chakra healing as well as meridian opening. Techniques I use: 

  • Belly Button Healing - unlocking second brain

  • Brain Wave Vibration - healing through cleansing emotional memory

  • Opening Meridian Energy Massage - whole body accupressure massage

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Meditation - Pineal Gland Cleansing

  • Affirmations

Eastern Medicine, the Medicine of Energy claims that people learnt how to accumulate emotions in the body, what results in slowing down the energy flow and eventually in a disease. The idea of energy is still not widely known in our Western Culture however understanding energy starts with feeling it. Healing is not a conceptual process. It is solely an experience. The same as we experience emotions, which not released create blockages and illness, we experience energy with its healing powers. Modern science restlessly research what is energy and what human brain can do in the process of healing. The results of research show that chemicals are being released each time a thought is being created and that has a direct impact on hormon release in the whole body.

 We know that calm thoughts produce soothing chemicals and toxic thoughts create toxic substances in the body. This has a profound impact on our wellbeing.

Science also teaches us that human body and its every part has an ability for self healing in particular conditions. So what condititions we are talking about? The outter supporting healing conditions are clean air and water, quality food, herbs or natural suplements. The leading factor in self healing process resides in the inner environment. My healing program I offer during our meetings is based on the idea of recovering the inner space, both from the biological, mental and energy point of view. I use programs which include exercise, meditation and massage which will help you to recover and maintain health, happiness and inner peace.

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