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Many people believe that happiness is a matter of fate, randomness. This version can be plausible if we observe random accidents or winning in lottery. Why are they and not me? Why me and not him? When the mind is turned outward, it will not have a chance to do anything constructive for itself. Detached from his body, his life and his energy, he errs, observes, assesses and interprets. There are 10 times more neurons in the human brain going from the brain to the eyes and ears than in the opposite direction. This means that from the automaton the brain is directed outside, in search, in evaluation, interpretation, and therefore it is so hard for us to focus inside. 10! sometimes it's harder to connect with each other than with the outside world. However! Only when attention is directed inside can you change, deal with depression, anxiety, anxiety, sadness, regret, failure, anger, conflict, pain. If you want to share your story, write to me. I want to hear how you are, what bothers you. Maybe I can help you.

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