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My name is Aleksandra Mason Prachowska and I am a certified coach and trainer. I specialize in coaching neuroplasty and energy, with a special focus on stress management. I completed an advanced training program for coaches of the American Inner Mammal Institute under the guidance of prof. Loretta Breuning University of California, as well as the advanced Human Technology School program in London. I am also an active member of the International Brain Education Association (USA).

I have been working as a coach and trainer since 2009. My practice includes over 5000 hours with individual clients and groups of up to 50 people. I divide my life between Poland and Scotland, where I work both offline and online with clients around the world. My education and experience in coaching work is based on the basics of brain neuroplasticity. You can familiarize yourself with the topic of neuroplasticity by reading the following presentation:

My task and role is to support every person who is on the road and needs such support in the process of change. I approach the transformation process in two ways:

1. Your brain changes under the influence of experiences for the rest of your life. Together, we can make it a positive and supportive experience.

Learn more about NEURO-COACHING .

2. Everything is energy. I will teach you how to build your inner peace, sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with life yourself.

Learn more about ENERGY COACHING

As a coach, I accompany and support in the process of transformation, helping to create an individual strategy for managing my time, changing habits and improving the quality of life in personal and professional space.

By working with me, you can heal the following areas:

  • internal balance and self-confidence

  • assertiveness and self-esteem

  • communication with others, partner relations

  • coping with failure and failure

  • creativity and entrepreneurship

And all the above sounds very high and I am very proud of it. However, from the bottom of my heart I will write to you that my goal and my vision, and probably even a dream, is that every man could love himself, respect and accept himself as he is, and if something bothers me, have courage and love for myself to change it and slowly correct it. Suffering and pain come from not accepting yourself and the world. As long as you are in conflict, you are suffering. Reading my page, I wish you positive feelings and impressions and if you feel cool emotions right now, I look forward to hearing from you. I want to hear your story.


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